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Global fulfillment has never been faster, cheaper, simpler, or more reliable.

Here's how it works.



Hello 2-day delivery

Whether you receive goods from overseas or already have products stored in your domestic warehouses, redirect those SKUs to our centrally located global warehouses. From there, we'll handle all future order logistics, offering fast, often 2-5 day last-mile delivery.



Often 45% or more

With our digital platform, we make you cost-effective. This involves optimizing for duties and taxes, taking advantage of economies of scale, strategically located warehouses, and reducing even more expenses by streamlining the chain -- from first mile to warehousing, all the way to last-mile delivery solutions. Most customers save at least 45% when compared to their current solution.

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A plug + play integration

Eliminate the complexity that comes from piecing together your own global supply chain. We'll cordinate getting your products from where they are manufactured into our global warehouses. With a single integration, and without a need to change your infrastructure, you can be up and selling globally in 4-6 weeks.


More reliable

Customer experience is king

Our global logistics platform for e-commerce is now your instant response team. When an order is placed on your site, we handle fulfillment and export in a matter of hours, picking, packing, and shipping 99% of orders that same day. And should a return come up, our seamless returns management solution ensures a hassle-free exchange for your customers. Your international aspirations as a brand no longer have to come at the expense of a great customer experience. We'll make sure of it.

How much could you save?

Select your average number of monthly orders below to compare our rates with other cross-border solutions. Estimated monthly savings are calculated for you.
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Costs with Mayple Global


Monthly savings with Mayple


The above is based on an average E-commerce shipment of 2 lbs with an international market of:
20% North America, Hong Kong 10%, Germany 20%, Australia 25%, UK 25%

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